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About Julie

Julie RowlandsonI got to massage in the most unlikely way……

As a mother of two boys, I always wanted a flexible job that allowed me to earn some extra money, yet spend as much time as possible with the boys. At one point, I was doing cleaning in an old people’s home.

That changed my life. I found myself naturally helping them with some of their pains and discomforts. I would rub their hands and back and listen to them talk about their issues. This is when I realized that I had found my purpose in life. I have a passion to massage people and use that as a vehicle not only to relieve their muscle tension, but also to lend a compassionate ear and relieve their mental tension.

I now massage from my home in a dedicated room that clients describe as “very special and calming”.  I have received certification for 1050 hours of varied massage techniques, and 700 hours of various energy therapies. My toolbox of techniques includes deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, pregnancy massage, cupping, couples massage, chair massage, Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, crystal healing and sound healing.

Whatever the therapy, though, I always combine caring and listening with an intuitive sense of what you need to relieve your tension: my hands seem to know exactly where to apply pressure and when to take more time on a particular muscle. My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing you walk out relaxed, refreshed, and feeling good.


About Gavin

Gavin RowlandsonGavin Rowlandson: an engineering manager practicing massage and Holistic Therapy, and using his Certified Professional Coach title to help people deal with any of life’s challenges.

I spent the major part of my life in aerospace engineering, where I was somehow drawn towards the management of people more than to the technical. As a manager, I was a naturally good listener, and with an inborn talent for psychology and a finely tuned intuition focused very much on understanding, coaching and encouraging my team. More than a few times I was told “you are the best manager I have ever had”.

During the course of the many management training and personal development workshops I participated in, I came to realize how people-focused I was, and how natural it was for me to support people and help them. I got so much personal satisfaction from bringing out the best in others! I am a born peacemaker, a healer and a visionary. I long to make the world a better place.

I wanted to go deeper into a world where I could connect directly with other people, at a personal development level. I looked into various career options, and after nearly 25 years of marriage, I finally decided to listen to my wife, Julie! Julie encouraged me to take massage therapy training, and although I was unsure at first, I was amazed at how easily I became comfortable with working directly on other people. Julie helped me to refine my techniques, and I now find that my massages are an extremely uplifting and energizing experience for both my clients and me.

So here I am, working from home in my own calm, Zen-like room – and loving it! My certification in Quebec for a variety of massage techniques enables me to offer you Swedish, deep tissue and chair massage to relieve your muscle tension. My years of experience coaching and encouraging people drove me to take a diploma in holistic coaching. I also incorporate some heart to heart discussion time before and after your massage, to relieve your mental and emotional tension – so that you walk out of our session feeling relaxed on all levels.

I offer you soothing hands, and a healing heart!