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First Prenatal Massage

I came in to see Julie for the first time for a prenatal massage & was so impressed with her friendly manner and her amazing skills! She made me feel very comfortable & was very gentle with my growing belly!

I would definitely return!

Emily Kasper

The best we have had……..

We purchased a Groupon to try their services. We very impressed by their professionalism and their great hands. We both felt our massages were the best we have had and we have had massages all over the world including Mexico, USA and Japan. Gavin & Julie, thank you. You are great.
Hank & Joyce

Hank & Joyce Regehr

Intuitive 90 minutes just right for me

I was new to Chilliwack and luckily found Julie at Soothing Hands Massage. Her one

and a half hour massage was fantastic.  I have had many massages before with other

therapists but I’d have to say that hers was by far the best.  Julie applied just the right

amount of pressure to relieve my sore muscles and recharge my body. Her use of

the energy flow of the body was interesting and most helpful, as were her suggestions for

improving my health.

Thank you very much Julie.  I will see you again.



Some testimonials from our 2017 groupon campaign

To be honest I was a little hesitant about getting a massage at someone’s home. But they were both very professional. The massage was incredible. Matched only by their hospitality. I would recommend this hands down to anyone who wants a good massage.
Cory M. · March 5, 2017 · Verified

Great massage and helpful “after massage” hints.

Carol H. · March 25, 2017 · Verified

Was wonderful very relaxing Definitely going back
Janet · February 24, 2017 · Verified
I have had several massages and this has to be the best one I have had. My boyfriend never had one before and he loved it. Highly recommend going if you want an amazing massage. Great experience.
Jessica R. · February 21, 2017 · Verified
Awesome people, and even better massage!! Best massage I’ve ever had!
Erica S. · January 30, 2017 · Verified

Some testimonials from our facebook page……..

Julie is a wonderful, caring person with top notch skills. I highly recommend her for your massage needs. MT

Had the most amazing massage today at Soothing Hands in Chilliwack. They were unbelievable , so knowledgeable. Gave Tymm some breathing techniques for his sleep apnea and gave us both a post massage review . Some personal tips to help us with different areas of our body. Already booked in again for next month. Can’t wait to go back !! PM

Julie Rowlandson’s Soothing Hands have helped me rediscover the benefits of massage. I had not had a massage for years and when I visited Soothing Hands I had a truly amazing experience. I arrived feeling tired and out of sorts and Julie worked her magic! As she massaged the right side of my back, I heard my left side calling out ‘when is it my turn.’ And so it went until she was finished and I was totally refreshed and relaxed. I will continue to visit Soothing Hands and I am recommending to all my friends that they visit Soothing Hands and experience the magic for themselves. RB

An incredibly healing experience every time!

I am currently a client of Julie’s at Soothing Hands in Chilliwack and can honestly say that I will be a lifer. I feel so lucky to have met Julie as she has helped heal me both physically and emotionally. I’m an athlete who previously had chronic pain since age 12 which is now under control. Julie has given me the tools I need to maintain my healthy body and mind in between our sessions. She genuinely cares about her clients and takes pride in having such a special gift.


Truly Blessed Hands

I recently met Julie at a mutual friends house while she and Gavin were visiting. As we were sharing stories she gave me a short 10-15 minute massage that was Heaven sent.

I have suffered with herniated disks in my lower back for 14 years that have left me with little to no feeling in my lower left leg and foot. Julie found pressure points that shot feeling into my foot! I was absolutely amazed.

I look forward to some full sessions with Julie, she is so blessed to have the gift of soothing, healing hands and the ability to know how to use them.


Robin Kulyk

” Julie is a miracle worker with a true powerful gift”

” Julie is a miracle worker with a true powerful gift” “

I believe that nothing in life happens by chance. After meeting and hearing about the personal healing services Julie offered, I instantly knew she was the right choice.

I have suffered with muscle and joint pain for most of my adult life, as well as tensions and strain from life’s many challenges. Julie listens to my body and follows the tensions, releasing each problem area giving me freedom of mobility that I haven’t felt for years.

Julie is nothing less than a miracle worker for body, mind, and soul.

I highly recommend Soothing Hands and Julie as the person to trust your healing journey too!

I am grateful and blessed in finding her.

Ginger Moore
Chilliwack, BC

Ginger Moore

To all my followers in the Fraser Valley/Metro Vancouver area…..

If you are in need of a way to relax, renew and feel invigorated, this is for you.
I recently went to Soothing Hands because I met Julie at a networking event and something about her clicked with me. Julie is more than a person who gives amazing massages, she is a genuine person who care about her clients, talks with them, discovers exactly where the tension and stress is coming from and works with you to not only release your muscles but your mind as well. The very next day people were asking me if I what I was doing differently because I looked “amazing”. I hadn’t done anything different… except go to Soothing Hands!

Pregnancy Massage and More…..


I have suffered from upper back & neck pain for a long time. I have tried other methods like physio etc. & sleeping on hard surface, not using a pillow bla bla bla….. nothing helped. After I became pregnant, those pains became un-bearable. Then one of my friend suggested to try taking massage & mentioned Julie’s name. Thank goodness I listened to her. Julie is one the reasons my pregnancy went so smoothly. She also helped me heal after childbirth. She is truly a gifted person. Her hands are magic. “Soothing Hands” , indeed. Thank you so much, Julie. I just wish you are in Montreal : (


Some comments from when we left Montreal…….

Gavin, you will most definitely be missed! I have yet to connect with someone who does massage as skilled as you. Thank you again for having been such an integral part of my half-marathon last year. You were no doubt a key player in the smooth completion, and the easy recuperation afterwards!

Both of you guys really have soothing hands! Your massages are like heaven! 🙂

Best massage in town. Literally!

5starI’ve been to see Julie for numerous prenatal massages and would highly recommend her. She’s amazing!!

Julie has been such a blessing.

Julie has been such a blessing.
For the past few years she has done wonders with my husband ,our daughter ,son and myself. We are so grateful for her”soothing hands” and kind heart.We wish her and her family a wonderful rebirth in Vancouver.

marie bissegger

Prenatal massage

I’ve been to see Julie for numerous prenatal massages and would highly recommend her. She’s amazing!!

Kelly Northrup

A life changing experience

As a certified athletic therapist, I found it very difficult to trust massotherapists in whom I could place my full trust. I cannot stress enough how impress I was by the knowledge and efficiency of Julie and Gavin’s practice. Before meeting them, I was suffering from daily headaches and frequent migraines. I can now say that I no longer fear getting out of the house without carying my medication and I can sometimes go a full month witout having any headaches. Thank you to the both for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel.

Natasha Godbout, CAT (C)

Natasha Godbout
SPORT Specialists

A wonderful experience each and every time

I suffer from a rare neurological disorder – transverse myelitis and I am a marathon runner.
A massage from Julie not only helps to relieve my muscles from all of the running I do but also reduces the amount of pain I experience due to my damaged spinal cord.
Julie truly cares about the people that go to her for help and it’s more than just a business to her. Julie has not only supported me physically but also mentally.
I have been going to Soothing Hands since my diagnosis in 2006 and I believe it made a world of difference. I have gone from paralysis, sensory and power loss, to the finish line of 11 marathons and 20+ half marathons.
Thank you Julie!

“Healing Hands” would be an even better name for this company!

Both Julie and Gavin have excellent knowledge and skill in healing through massage (and other techniques I have not yet experienced). They are thorough and expert at finding the source of the problem, then working through to start the healing process.
After every visit I feel more flexible, mobile, and just “better overall”. I look forward to every visit.

Janet McKelvie
Voyages Marlin Travel

Remarkable Massage

I have enjoyed massage therapy for the better part of three decades. The application of skill,
sensitivity and appropriate pressure in the hands of Julie Rowlandson, proprietor of “Soothing
Hands” is remarkable. I look forward with anticipation to each of my sessions with her.
Soothing hands? Indeed.

Robert Mariani

A Unique Experience

A friend gifted me with a visit to Julie shortly after I was told I needed surgery to remove a brain tumour. I immediately felt a connection with Julie as she explained what to expect as she did a deep tissue massage. If you are like me and believe that our bodies, minds and souls are all part of a whole, you can imagine how unique the experience was. Julie helped to heal me on all levels. Our second session was just as amazing. I am now recovering very well from surgery and can’t wait until she gets her hands on me again. Thank you for being you Julie.

Lois Cumming

Incredible Couple’s Experience

I went for my 2nd couples massage in 6 months and I can’t wait to go back! It is an amazingly relaxing experience that is so nice to share as a couple… we both left feeling fantastic and completely stress relieved! We did the hot tub before hand which I highly recommend… The ambiance is incredibly peaceful and relaxing… I actually fell asleep for several minutes… I work in construction and have several areas that ache a lot… particular attention was paid to these areas without having to tell them as they can feel and sense the tension and knots in the muscles. Truly incredible professionalism and dedication to giving you the most amazing massage experience available. Simply The Best!

Dave Mannion
Impeccable Services Reg’d

Wow! Healed pain I had for years!

Thanks for the massage Gavin. I think it was very helpful. The day after the massage I felt kind of achy and sluggish, almost like a low- grade flu. I spent a good part of the day lying down with a heating pad. The next day, I felt a lightness I haven’t felt in quite a while, and I was very surprised to be able turn my head many degrees further to the left than I have in about 1.5-2 years.

Also, the weirdest, possible best, result is the notable absence of pain in my left shoulder. I realize now I had gotten so used to a stabbing pain with certain movements that I wasn’t really aware of it. Now as I move that way, it feels eerily as if something is missing — and the absence of sharp jabs keeps reminding me, in a weird, ghostly way, of the release from pain.

I spent $100s of dollars on physical therapy last spring, but I can say unequivocally that the one session provided vastly better results. Looking forward to continuing the treatment.

Lori N. Winsor
Design Win-Win

Incredible Body Massage

If you want to experience a truly incredible massage session, then you MUST book today with Julie. She truly amazed me during our first session together. Not only did I receive a wonderful body massage, she was able to feel my body aches and pains and explained all to me. It truly stunned me how accurate she was. Not only does she have “Soothing Hands” she is very intuitive and compassionate. My next appointment is not soon enough. My Body and Soul says thank you, thank you Julie.

Your body will love you!

You can safely turn your body over to Julie. She instinctively knows what it needs, even when you don’t. She understands the mind-body connection and senses the issues that underlie your aches and pains. As a result, she’s able to help you release both your muscle tensions and also the blockages that caused them. You walk out of a session with Julie feeling understood, feeling lighter and feeling that you and your muscles love each other again!

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend both Julie and Gavin for massage! I thought Julie was amazing, so to be frank I was a little hesitant to have an appointment with Gavin (since I liked Julie so much!) but I was equally impressed, he is a amazing at massage!!! They both really care and have a knack for finding all of the places that need attention. I have also brought my daughter who is an athlete in for her first massage and she has been BEGGING me to go back to Julie.

Best In Town

You are, hands down, the best massage in town ! I always feel energized and fresh afterwards. Julie goes deep into the tissue to release all the knots in my back and neck. I look forward to being pampered again by your soothing hands !

Lama Farran
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