Jul 27th

What’s Different About Soothing Hands?

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So we sometimes get asked “what’s different about you?”. This is a good question, as we believe that we can offer something that no-one else can.

First of all, there are two of us, operating from the same place in two dedicated rooms. This gives us flexibility to fit in last minute requests, as one of us usually has a slot free every day. We also share our experiences and knowledge, helping each other to grow and become better at what we do.

Second, it gives us the chance to offer couples massage, where you can get a massage with someone else at the same time, either in the same room, or in different rooms. Mom/daughter massages are becoming popular these days. Where we are different, is that the massage each of you get is pretty much the same, so you don’t need to worry if the other person is getting a better experience than you, or feel guilty that you’re getting the better experience.

Third, is that there are few people that can combine the energy work and compassionate discussion with the massage like we do. We really do give you the space to let go of any issues that you may have been holding on to – “for just too long”. This is what really makes us different, along with strong intuition which gives us a sense of knowing what your needs might be. A lot of people come to us just because they want to relax and just get the muscles worked, but for those who feel they need a bit more TLC, then look no further.