Who We Work With

Stressed Man in need of massageWe work with people who want more than a temporary fix. Our clients want to permanently rid themselves of their tension and pain – be it physical, emotional or mental. Our clients value themselves and want to invest in their physical, mental and or spiritual health. They want to improve their quality of life and enjoy a greater feeling of calmness, confidence and lightness. They are ready to discover things about themselves, release their tensions and blockages and finally feel good.

We work well with men and women going through stressful life transitions. Are you experiencing the loss or change in a job, the splitting up of a relationship, children leaving home, recent or looming retirement, or grief over the loss of a loved one? All these situations bring up unresolved mental and emotional issues, which translate into muscle tension and pain. Massage can isolate the location of your pain and suggest sMan With Backacheome of the causes and emotional issues behind the pain. The combination of massage and compassionate discussion releases both the pain and the issues behind it. It leaves you feeling nurtured and supported, calm and confident, and better able to continue on your path of life.

We work well with men and women who have chronic or acute muscle pain that is physical in origin – and want to experience greater mobility, flexibility and pain-free living. Are you living with an injury, a chronic condition, or a job-related repetitive stress? Have you been to doctors, but just not getting you the results you want? Or been told that there’s nothing else to be done? Medical studies have shown that massage significantly improves joint function and greatly reduces pain in a wide variety of patient groups. Our own experience has shown tremendous relief for clients with carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, headaches, hypertension and pregnancy.